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Advanced Command-line CD ripper/encoder / News: Recent posts

ACRipper: v1.2.1 is released

Automatic command line CD ripper and ogg encoder along with freedb.org client. It tries to connect to freedb.org server to get CD info. If no info is found a text file may be provided instead. Also suport FLAC and MP3 (ID3 tag).

ACRipper v1.2.1 is released.

Posted by Olivier Meurice 2009-01-20

ACRipper v1.2 is released

Freedb.org data retrieval improved
FLAC and MP3 support

Posted by Olivier Meurice 2007-04-19

ACRipper v1.1 is released

ACRipper v1.1 is released

Posted by Olivier Meurice 2007-03-17

ACRipper v1.0 is released

Version 1 is released.

Posted by Olivier Meurice 2007-03-09