I use acpid with perl scripts to perform sleep/suspend functions.
When the wake event happens the perl script continues with waking events
right where it left off (at the sleep/suspend command ;-)), i.e.,
system ('hwclock --hctosys ; date'); # Restore system time

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Using the S1 sleep state provided by ACPI (echo 1 >
/proc/acpi/sleep) works well, overall, on my Dell Inspiron 8600 with Kernel 2.4.25.

However, I've noticed that the system clock is not updated when the system is restored. It simply contains the time at which the system was put into the S1 state.

I checked archives (except for this list, the sourceforge archive appears to be broken) and whatnot for people haveing similar problems and found no references on the topic of system time restoration.  Is this something that should be done in user-land, or is it something that will be added to the kernel in the future?

Please CC: me on any responses, as I am not a member of this list. Thanks,


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