Paul Chapin

Project Admins:

ACMapperObject (AKI ACMapper in this documentation) is a set of scripts that can be added to a web page to provide an interface for the attaching files and textual information to locations on a map. It was designed to give a web application developer the maximum flexibility without requiring any significant programming. Once created and attached to a web page, ACMapper handles all of the user-interface requirements. The application writer defines the functionality of ACMapper in a configuration object. The application writer also designs the basic page layout and graphics and ACMapperObjects drops the interface elements into the designated locations on the page. The web application is free to add to the page whatever additional functionality it needs.

Warning: ACMapper should NOT be regarded as a highly secure system. Usernames and passwords should not be borrowed from sensitive systems.

Originally created at Amherst College, ACMapperObject has been spun-off as a community-developed open source project under the MIT/X license.

Current release candidate does not include documentation. Documentation is in the code repository.