AcerHK GUI -- New Release -- v.0.3

The widely popular acerhk driver now has a GUI. The AcerHK GUI is a front end to the acerhk (Acer Hot Key) driver that enables certain buttons on the computer and an interface with wireless and bluetooth hardware. In some cases, the buttons are not associated properly -- if at all. The GUI provides an interface to the driver and enables user to activate and deactivate associated wireless and bluetooth hardware radios regardless of the button assignments.

In the first month, there were 84+ downloads of the AcerHK GUI.

Enhancements in this release:
General -- the primary changes are:

a. Incorporation of variables into the code and simplify customization for variations in instalation of the acerhkgui and acerhk software. This set the foundation for a GUI configuration interface.

b. Enhanced feedback from the script to the Terminal when launched/ran from the terminal to facilitate trouble shooting.

- If the driver was found where expected.
- Info from the acerhk driver

c. The acerhk driver information is now saved to the users home directory. (~/.acerhkdriverinfo.txt file. This is re-written each run of the program.

This release includes .deb, .rpm, and .zip (package manager independent) packages.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged. Any donations received are 100% passed on to other great organizations. Details on sourceforge at:

Posted by M-C 2009-03-01