• Mika Riekkinen
    Mika Riekkinen

    Hi !
    I have couple of problems with NameService.
    - AddressClient failed with NumberFormatException.
      I Uncommented code that had CosNaming parts in it.
      Code resulted in NumberFormatException.
      It turned out, that there was a bug in AORB.cpp(??):
      I changed Short::parseShort(port) to Integer::parseInt(port)
      (my port was 41293)

    - Then it failed on
    Caught Throwable in System::main(): acdk::io::EOFException. thrown in acdkx/orb/GIOPMessage.cpp:120

    - I changed "corbaloc:..." to IOR of the namesrv.
    - It worked fine, but CosNaming::list() is not implemented.

    - Then I tried to use mico nameservice, but I get
      Caught Throwable in System::main(): Cannot cast type [::acdkx::com::RCorObject] to [::org::omg::CosNaming::RNamingContext]

    Any idea what is going on here???

    • Mika Riekkinen
      Mika Riekkinen

      I got Mico Name Service ref by changing
      nsref in AddressClient from "IOR:..." to

    • Hi,

      To be frank the acdkx_orb package is quite old and I hadn't used it in a production environment for a couple of years.
      In the past I've used it with mico and a Java ORB, but only used only very basic things.
      I can put some work into this package if anybody requires, but I need some days/weeks (pending of the amount).

      Are you finally successfully establish a connection between acdkx_orb and mico?


    • Mika Riekkinen
      Mika Riekkinen

      Yes! I believe so. I saw from the GIOP debugging,
      that Mico nsd throw AlreadyBound exception to my client.
      That's all the testing I had time to do earlier. So, at least
      Mico nsd is responding somehow...

      There is something strange going on with ORB.
      For acdk_nameservice, worked with IOR, but not with corbaloc
      for mico_ns, worked with corbaloc, but not with IOR

      For the acdk_namesrv, It would be nice if
      list(...) method is implemented.

    • Mika Riekkinen
      Mika Riekkinen

      I created an implementation of JNDI with acdk. For
      testing, I'm using mico.
      If I bind an acdk object with this jndi implementation
      (wrapped in acdkx::orb::AcdkObject) and then list context, I
      can see that my object is bound to name service.

      However, if I use Mico nsadmin, I cannot see
      this acdk object. Any ideas why not???

    • Hi,

      No I have no idea.

      You have implemented the binary compatible
      JDNI protocol and try to couple this with a
      Java ORB?


    • Mika Riekkinen
      Mika Riekkinen

      JNDI is just an interface.
      I think that my problems were related to
      acdkmake(acdkmc). Not having all the needed
      declarations(or class attributes) in place.
      Anyway, now it's working just fine.