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AccessSvn 0.2.4 released

No new functionality was included with this release, nor bugfixes, but the code has been thoroughly restructured, as well as a Connect-menu item has been added to be activated after a database has been opened.

Posted by Stevel 2006-08-07

AccessSvn 0.2.3 released

This is a new step in the AccessSvn Addin: import and checkout to and from subversion is available, as well as a bugfix in the commit object function.

Posted by Stevel 2006-08-01

AccessSvn 0.2.0alpha released

This is the first release of AccessSvn. This program allows Microsoft(R) Access developers to use Subversion for version control of the database they are developing. AccessDataPages, Forms, Macros, Modules and Reports are currently supported by the program.

Posted by Stevel 2006-06-15