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Abducted IRC Software / News: Recent posts

Abducted Unreal IRCd Released!

We have been playing with unreal for awhile now and finally made something public, give it a whirl @ irc.abducted.us #abducted

Current Features:
Opers can override virtually anything -- without any extra steps (ie no /invite)
Added Staff Flag
Virtually complete protection with umode +q (can't be killed, kicked, etc, etc)
Readded +I (Invisability)
U:lines can distribute O:lines (ULOper) -- We have a module for our services so you can identify and get oper'd
+Y Net Admin Only
+X Senior Staff Only
and alot more stuff that we forgot to document... read more

Posted by Michael Requeny 2006-05-13

Abducted IRC Services

We have been working on our own services package for awhile now, a couple of versions have been released, check our files area, it's based on Anope, and has alot more functionality then Anope.


For detailed information on our services.

Posted by Michael Requeny 2006-05-07

Abducted Bash 1.1 Released!

After many complaints about the confussion about if they need the patches for 1.0 or not, we've rolled it all together so no more fustrations (we hope)

Posted by Michael Requeny 2004-09-11

Another Bash Patch

Stops duplicate quotes from being sumbitted without the submitter's knowledge, because of an error in the field checking was bugged.

Posted by Michael Requeny 2004-07-16

AbBash BUG Fix

Please download the abducted bash display error patch from the files section, a typo made quotes be processed through htmlspecialchars() twice, resulting in many characters being displayed incorrectly

Posted by Michael Requeny 2004-07-16

Various Updates

Added a new list of providers, and abbash has a nice error in it, a one file fix will be released shortly.

Posted by Michael Requeny 2004-07-16

Abducted Bash 1.0 Released!

Abducted Bash 1.0 has been released! Many fixes finally done @ bash.* and are all in this release, it has alot of the functionality of qdb.us and bash.org plus much more to come!

Posted by Michael Requeny 2004-07-13

BanishServ 1.0 Released!

Added it today, it's by Psike, and allows you to force a user out of all channels they are in, and into #jail, they cannot leave the channel, and when you unbanish them, they are automaticly returned to all of their previous channels.

Posted by Michael Requeny 2004-06-24

Abducted Services Progress

We got the module system down now, now we just need to add handlers for various things, and clean up =P So far we have converted only SMSServ to a abducted services module, but more are soon to come >:)

Posted by Michael Requeny 2004-05-03

SMSServ 1.0 Released!

Added it today.

Posted by Michael Requeny 2004-04-28

WebServ 1.0 Released

WebServ 1.0 was released minutes ago! It is a standalone service, does runs by itself.

Posted by Michael Requeny 2004-04-28