Hi Vicky,

We have a similar Java Web Start (JNLP client) application that we test with Abbot.

For a while I was experimenting with doing the test script writing/recording through Java Web Start as well, particularly so that QA folks (not our development team) could do it.  The way we had to deliver it, is to make the Abbot Test Script Editor (Costello) its own Java Web Start application with its own JNLP file that includes all the jar files needed by the application under test.  The person editing the test script would have to:

1. Launch the Costello Java Web Start application on their local machine.
2. Select a test script file on their local machine that "launches" the application under test by running its main method.
3. Use Costello to run the "launch" step, thereby initializing the application under test and showing its windows/frames.

It was a little pain to manage it this way, though.

What we have now is that the development team can use Costello to launch the application under test, with all jar files built on their local machine.  The downside is that it doesn't exercise the application *exactly* as it launches under Java Web Start, which would be a pain if the Java Web Start class loading makes a large difference to the application, or maybe a show-stopper if the application requires Java Web Start specific APIs.

Good luck,

vikas jain wrote:


I am planning to write/record automation tests for a application which launches with .jnlp URL. What I mean is URL for my application ends with .jnlp. I put the URL in browser and it open the application in a separate window
, there is no role of browser after loading the application.

Can you please tell me if we can do automation testing for this app via Abbot. If not is there tool I can use to record/write automation for this app. I am not able to find more information on internet around this.

This is for my company and I am ready for commercial paid support if any.

Thanks you very much.

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