JUnit 4 Support

  • Bruce Alspaugh
    Bruce Alspaugh

    I'll try the workaround. I've been using JUnit 4 for my other unit tests, and I was hoping to avoid a dependency on the old version. Any idea when the new fixture will be ready?



    Timothy Wall wrote:
    > I'm working on a separate fixture component that's entirely
    > independent of the test framework, but you can get most of that
    > functionality already by creating a ComponentTestFixture and calling
    > its fixtureSetup/fixtureTeardown as needed.
    > Whether or not you need the JUnit 3 bits, the class still encapsulates
    > a lot of the things you need to perform a UI test.
    > Is there something specific you're looking for?
    > On Jun 11, 2007, at 6:44 PM, Bruce Alspaugh wrote:
    >> Hi Timothy,
    >> Does Abbot support JUnit 4?  I noticed that classes like
    >> ComponentTestFixture extend TestCase, but with version 4 you don't
    >> extend TestCase.
    >> Bruce
    > Timothy Wall
    > http://abbot.sf.net

    • Andi Anderson
      Andi Anderson

      is there a workaround? all our integration tests and unit tests are in junit 4. one of the main reasons is for the annotations and the ability to do Assume.

      is there a way to wrap ComponentTestFixture to work arround the dependency on the older junit?

    • I'm not sure that workaround (in 1.0.2) would work, as fixtureSetup()/fixtureTeardown() are protected.