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Code Refactor Phase

We are currently (and on the past 4 months) have refactored/trim/prune the code in order to make faster to extend. This also has simplified the code a great deal and it should in the future make easier for you to add/modifed/extend the Abacus GUI builder. We should be done with this process by the end of the year and we should have a new version early next year.

Mario Open Abacus

Posted by AbaGUIBuilderDev1 2006-10-04

AbaGuiBuilder 1.8 Released

Release 1.8

. Added Image component
. Added db-Image component
. Improved project loading on large projects
. Added JFormattedTextField
. Rework Menubar - Plugin Model + User defined options to bar
. Ability to create Listener for external components.
. Cursor property
. Modified database component compatible with Derby.
. Enahnced component palette + object tree

. (Done) Fixed "compilation" bug with JMenus when selecting compile only, "Save and Compile" worked.
. Compile-only breaks with tab panels.... read more

Posted by AbaGUIBuilderDev1 2006-02-17

AbaGuiBuilder 1.7 RPM Released

This release includes all the changes and fixes from our 1.7 release.

1.Windows and Linux install.
2.Added new class to work around unsupported updatable rowset
in some JDBC drivers
3.New property table
4.Plugin model for expandability - Property editor.
5.Enhancements to JFreeChart components
6.HSQLSDB integration. (No updatable rowsets)
7.Add property value modification of multi-selected objects.... read more

Posted by AbaGUIBuilderDev1 2005-12-06

AbaGuiBuilder R 1.7

Apart from our standard .zip file, for version 1.7 we have included a Win32 .exe and on the next few days we will upload an rpm package.

New features in R 1.7

1. Windows .exe install and Linux rpm install.
2.Added new class to work around unsupported updatable rowset
in some JDBC drivers
3.New property table
4.Plugin model for expandability - Property editor.
5.Add property value modification of multi-selected objects.
6. Better compatibility with HSQLSDB ... read more

Posted by AbaGUIBuilderDev1 2005-11-03

R 1.6.1 Beta Patch

This patch is for installations running version 1.6 ONLY!
Fixes on this Patch

- Form the properties pane is not updated to reflect the datagrid.
- Floopy (Drive A:) error when importing components.
- In Linux we have an exception at loading (but the soft seems running well)
java.io.FileNotFoundException: ./customcomponents\AbaGuiCustom.xml (No such file or directory) [...] at ch.abacus.lib.ui.renderer.common.HammerMetadataDocument.loadCustomMeta(HammerMetadataDocument.java:723).

Posted by AbaGUIBuilderDev1 2005-09-14

AbaGuiBuilder R 1.6

The Abacus Java GUI Builder R 1.6 has the following features:
1. Importing Beans and components from IDE
2. Dynamic loading for metadata.
3. First step to Plug-in model (Editor only for this version will release details later).
4. Add new Code editor with component function searching.
5. Enhanced property table with better details.
6. Added the following JFreeChart custom components (Alpha Version): ... read more

Posted by AbaGUIBuilderDev1 2005-07-29

AbaGuiBuilder R 1.51

Fixed "AddImports" bug on the new project versions. This bug prevented the project from reloading.

Fixed "Close Projects" now it closes the project properly.

Posted by AbaGUIBuilderDev1 2005-05-23

AbaGuiBuilder Release 1.5

1. Fixed and enhanced the Look and Feel for the GUI builder.
2. New functionality allows user defined functions and user defined data for each visual object.
3. Added new L&F classes to the GUI Builder. Fixed minor bugs on event box editor.
4. Compilation/creation is 50% faster.
5. Reworked UI we moved the Event List to a combo box above the code editor.
6. Ability to add external imports to projects.
7. Removed unnecessary imports from manufactured code.... read more

Posted by AbaGUIBuilderDev1 2005-05-02

AbaGuiBuilder Release 1.4

1. Ability to save visually edited metadata into JAR, making adding a JDBC drivers much easier.

2. Added JGoodies library support, this will allow users to choose the L&F of their application if they wish to

3. Oracle database support tested with 10g with full access to data.

4. Enhanced the property table with better details

5. Fixed minor UI bugs.

6. Fixed Render problems from IDE in Mac OS, fixed other minor UI bug in Mac OS... read more

Posted by AbaGUIBuilderDev1 2005-02-10

AbaGuiBuilder Release 1.3

1. Fixed and enhanced data access for DataSources , Combobox and Grid.
2. Added new visual components : Data button bar (Beta) and an Outlook bar object.
3. Added a read only metadata tool, we will add edit capabilities on the next revision. Future releases will save and edit the metadata in the jar file. (MetadataEditor)
4. Fixed minor bugs on event box editor.
5. Verified Derby (Cloudscape DB) access but currently for read-only mode, on the next few revisions will have full access.

Posted by AbaGUIBuilderDev1 2004-11-23

Release 1.2

1. Menu Bar, Menu and Menu items can be created visually using the canvas, this includes support for Mnemonics and accelerators for menu items. Note: sub-menu items are not support for the revision, it will be added 1.3
2. Minor UI enhancements UI including drag & drop of individual components on to the canvas.
3. Bugs Fixed:
1008340 JLabel component takes the focus 2004-08-12 5974163 Look & Feel preferences not restored 2004-06-16 954515 Not saving project .proz 2004-05-15 954513 Event Saving not processed 2004-05-15

Posted by AbaGUIBuilderDev1 2004-08-19

Release 1.1 w/ Beta dbAware

Release 1.1 with Dbaware components in Beta phase

For release 1.1, we decided to combine the binaries, source, samples and doc into a single distribution file.

In this release we made changes to the UI, added some need functionality, fixed a few bugs and added a new set of database aware visual components.

For further HOWTOs you can check a set of live Flash demos at the openabacus.org site.

http://www.openabacus.org/tabpane3.html... read more

Posted by Mario H Castillo 2004-06-30