AvidMediaComposer not loading test files

  • Hello AAF professionals,

    I have to create a conversion tool from XML to AAF that shall result in files readable by AvidMediaComposer 6.0 and 6.5.
    Now I built the test suite of AAF 1.1.6 and found that none of the generated files can be successfully opened by AvidMediaComposer 6.5 / Mac.

    All I get are opening errors, such as

        AvidMediaComposer is unable to open "TestEssData.aaf"

    I tried a bunch of different aaf files and always ended up with this error.
    How can I open an AAF file generated by the SDK with AvidMediaComposer?  -  Or is this simply not working?

    Hope to get a short comment soon,


    PS: If someone would like to write that conversion tool for me - I'd love to hear from you!!