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Image Sequence into AAF

  • Cablet

    Using the AAF examples I have been able to create several useful tools.  These are all metadata related.  I am interested in doing something new that has me stumped.  Our production pipeline calls for image sequences to be imported into our Avid Adrenalines.  Our assistant editors would prefer to input just one large file rather than import image sequences (they spend a large amount of time importing).  I have been able to create an AAF file with one image file but not a sequence. Will the AAF format allow me to create an AAF file with an image sequence essence as one MasterMob?  Perhaps I should be creating one video file before embedding that into the AAF but then what codec should I use?  Any ideas where I should start or where I can find more examples?  Thank You.

    • John Emmas
      John Emmas

      Interestingly, a company asked me to do the same thing about 2 months ago. They had a whole load of animation frames that needed to be converted to sequences. I found 2 x example files in the toolkit called ImportDV and ExportDV. I initially looked at those for inspiration and found them very helpful.

      Unfortunately for me, the customer found out later that Avid has some sort of macro feature that can do the job anyway, as long as the animation files are numbered in a particular way - so I never got the job.... :-(