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  • Anonymous

    Hi gang,

    I am looking for the most active place to get help on developing new software with the AAF SDK. Does anyone have any other ideas about where to find some answers, or better examples and docs than simply the included ones and the doxygen docs?

    I am trying to figure out how to add metadata to AAFs that will show up in Media Composer. But I am not sure what to use to create and store that kind of information. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.



  • Anonymous

    Hi Random OpenID URL,

    I'm not aware of a more active forum unfortunately, but in terms of Media Composer, my suggest would be generate some sample AAF files and use the AAF SDK's InfoDumper tool to inspect their contents, often the metadata locations and fields will become obvious from that process. Note AVID do not publish a specification for their usage of AAF, so expect different versions to act differently…



  • Anonymous

    Thank you Tim.

    I have been keeping a snails pace of progress on this project, but I appreciate your reply. I was able to figure out my problem with the metadata.

    The largest hurdle I have now is audio related. I have compiled the ExportAudioExample on Windows and Linux with no problem however the output from both is unusable by Media Composer.

    Is there a place you can recommend to get help with the AAF example code? Has anyone else here been able to successfully run any of the audio examples or add audio on their own to an AAF?

    Thanks again Tim.

  • Sara

    What is it you are trying to set for the audio / what kind of problems are you having?