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  • Thomas Estrade
    Thomas Estrade

    I'm using the SDK 1.1.0 - DR2, and try to read files embedded in an AAF file (or linked by). These files are essences of all types.

    I try to use the test program give with the sources ( EssenceAccess ) wich will create differents AAF files (essence embeded...) but the function IAAFMasterMob::CreateEssence(...) crash. So I try to read a file generated with Avid Newscutter XP 5.6, wich embeded a WAVE file (Laser.wav, file used for the previous test); and the method AAFFileOpenExistingRead(...) crash too.

    Could someone give me some advices?


    • If the EssenceAccess test program did not run successfully it is likely the PATH did not contain the aafext/AAFINTP.dll and aafext/AAFPGAPI.dll plugin DLLs.  If your PATH contains AAFWinSDK\bin after a successful build of the SDK the structure will be correct:

      The AAFINTP.dll and AAFPGAPI.dll files must be under the aafext subdirectory.  When searching for the plugins, the SDK looks for the aafext directory in the directory when AAFCOAPI.dll was found.

      If you see error 80120097 then the SDK could not load the plugins.  Please report any other crash or error number with steps to reproduce it.

      • GaryK

        I am having the same symptom (80120097). I have verified the location and paths are correct. Is there anything else that could lead to this?

        Is there anywhere I could read the details of the process? Are all DLLs in the aafext directory loaded? Looking in the source I can see that AAFRESULT_CODEC_INVALID is thrown from two places. I am just a user of AAF at this point. How can I know which case happened?

    • Thomas Estrade
      Thomas Estrade

      I've had been helped by John Emmas:
      the problem was in the settings of differents projects, the Struct member alignment was set to 1 as it was required for one of my works. I've rebuild projects with this option set to 8 bytes, and that's ok now.

      Thanks Stuart to answer me.



    • John Emmas
      John Emmas

      Glad to be of help, Tom.

      For anyone else who encounters this problem, I've given some further details over on the "V1.1 SDK" forum. The cause of the problem (and a suggested solution) are described in my posting called "Structured Storage (struct alignment)".