Version Stamping in win32 AAF 1.1.0 dll's

  • eric_y


    I noticed that the RC2 and above AAFCOAPI.dll's are now version stamped.  This is a nice feature for it helps third parties determine what version of the .dll is being loaded.   I noticed a few things though:

    1) the File Version and Product Version fields are the same for RC2-released 1.1.0.   This makes it hard to distinguish the difference between RC2, RC3 and the released 1.1.0 version.   I would have expected this tag to be different, such as, and ( look at how MS changes version numbers in Office: word.exe and Windows: check out a windows .dll )

    2) the AAFINTP.dll and the AAFPGAPI.dll are not version stamped.  I would have expected these two files to also be version stamped.

    Just some thoughts for the next release, update.


    • Phil Tudor
      Phil Tudor

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the feedback. AAFINTP.dll and AAFPGAPI.dll could be version stamped if someone contributed the .rc files to do it. If you have expertise on the Windows platform and can do something compatible with VC7.1, feel free to contribute something.

      We decided to flip the version number to " Release" in the final release candidate (RC3) so that we wouldn't have to change source code between RC3 and the final release. Perhaps next time we could make this change only in the declared release.