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#100 binary/xml conv cycle loses avid trans profiles HACKY FIX

Brian Brunswick

The conversion of an avid exported aaf into xml using aaffmtconv and back again loses all the profiles in the transitions.

This is annoying because we are now using this route for our aaf export - we generate as xml and then convert it. This is much more convenient that using the full API :-)

It turns out this is due to the code not actually following the references in ParameterDefinitionReferences, so the appropriate ParameterDefs don't make it into any converted file.

The attached patch is a hacky fix to this that just copies all the ParameterDefs over to the converted file in the dictionary MergeTo function, A better fix would sort out the following of the references. Note that this patch also still contains debugging trace output, and I'm afraid I haven't worked out what the correct error handling style is for this part of the code, so that also needs cleaning up. Still, its short and localized, and at least usable.


  • aaffmtconv-copyparams.patch