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Olaf Erlandsen


To use this application, you need to install Apache2+ and "Python 3+" on any operating system that supports Python 3+.

  • Apache2+ (XAMPP/WAMP/LAMP/AppServer/Apache/...).
  • Python 3+.
  • Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows Server 2003/Windows Vista/Ubuntu 10+/Mac OS X.


To use Apache2 VirtualHost Python on your computer, you only need to download the latest version of Apache2 VirtualHost Python and save it in the folder you want, then execute commands from your console of choice.


  • --hostname,--h : you new server name.
  • --ip, --i : you ip address.
  • --config, --c : you apache config file.
  • --root, --r : apache folder root
  • --apache, --a : you http app yo restart.
  • --etc, --e : you hosts file(windows).


> v2vh.py --h "subdomain"
> v2vh.py --h "subdomain" --i ""
> v2vh.py --h "subdomain" --c "c:\apache\conf\vhost.conf"