WebAsk and Squirrelmail

  • Douglas S Land
    Douglas S Land

    Let me just say ASK is great. Thanks so much for the wonderful tool. It's really nice to look at my mailbox and actually see mail people sent to me, and only me. 

    I'm partial to flat file configs, but have to support people who haven't ever seen a command prompt, so I took a look at webask to see if it would work for them. 

    I use squirrelmail as my web client, and I'm working on embedding webask into the UI for it.  I'm about 75% finished, though there's still some work to be done on it. I'm using the native squirrelmail authentication, and security logic for the ask structure, so there's no need to reinvent that wheel, and it should be fairly easy to set up for large sites when all is said and done.  If anyone is interested in specifics, feel free to write. I

    • Hi. I'm also using Squirrelmail and ASK.  I'd love it if you wouldn't mind sharing your product.  I'll take it in any state it's in ... 0.01?  Perhaps I could contribute code changes.


      Koset at Surakomol dot com

    • Mike Glassberg
      Mike Glassberg

      Take a look at http://www.lpemail.com - its fully integrated.

    • Dog Tags
      Dog Tags

      Wow - nice. How'd you do it?

      • Mike Glassberg
        Mike Glassberg

        A background of 25+ years of programming helps..

    • Eduardo Ellery
      Eduardo Ellery

      Is there any possibilitie for us to have it in our squirellmail webmail?