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Version 4.2.3 released

Today version 4.2.3 has been released. After this development is likely to cease completely. This version fixes minor bugs, removes useless references to the non-functioning server feature and offers the ability to import from the backup directory without searching manually in the user directories. If you want to take over further development, send a message to the project admin.

Posted by Trilarion 2011-06-08

Programmers needed

The project A-Note is looking for you!

Bring it to a new stage by programm a working server script or make the gui portable.

For further info check this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/a-note/forums/forum/1044693/topic/3517704

Posted by Trilarion 2010-01-13

A Note 4.2.2 released

After the project's revival one month ago I managed to make a few minor fixes and therefore can proudly present version 4.2.2!

This shows - it's going on! Stay tuned or even better - join the team!!

Happy christmas!

Posted by Trilarion 2009-12-21

Mobile-phone programmer needed

I wonder if there are any out there who knows a little on programming Java fr mobile-phones?

I belive that it would be very nice to have a tiny program in the mobile-phone that can download the notes from the server and maybe upload knew notes.

If you have any idea or know how to do this, please contact me at:


Posted by Marcus Carlsson 2004-10-13

New webpage

Finally the webpage has been updated.
You can find it here:

Thanks Aaron.

Posted by Marcus Carlsson 2004-10-09

A Note 4.0

Finally a release where lots of things has happened. I thank you all for giving me positive feedback and ideas. The program wouldn't be where it is today without you...

I have included a recycle bin so you can restore the trashed notes.

You can also set which toolbar-buttons you want to use on the note

Try to include the slide to right button and press that one and see what happends. Pretty cool :)

Posted by Marcus Carlsson 2004-10-01

I need a programmer with two monitors

A couple of bugs related to dual monitors and docking has appeared. And since I don't have two monitors I can't find and test the bugs.

I would be very happy if anyone who has the time could look at theese problems.

Posted by Marcus Carlsson 2004-03-24

Help wanted

I think that A Note's homepage should need a facelift. If you think that you can contribute contacte me at brummelisa@users.sourceforge.net

Posted by Marcus Carlsson 2003-08-28