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Project revived.

  • Trilarion

    This thread is copied from the old forum which was spam flooded:

    Old start date: 2009-11-04 16:38:13 CET

    > Hi, after contacting the old admin
    > without an anwser and having used
    > a-note in the past and liked it, I
    > filed a project-takeover request at
    > SF. After some waiting time it has
    > been now positively answered. So here
    > I am. I intend to continue the
    > development of a-note. However, all
    > details of the future development,
    > what direction to take etc. are open
    > for discussion. I hope I will have
    > alot of input and maybe help too from
    > the community.
    > First we have to get rid of the spam
    > here (100 pages of spam :eek:) and I
    > have to find out, what a project admin
    > can do :)
    > Regards, Tril

    > Very interested - a note is really
    > useful keep it simple :) By the way,
    > do you know where back up files are
    > stored with Windows Vista ?
    > Olivier

    > You mean backup files of A-Note? Could
    > be under AppData\Roaming\A Note\Backup
    > but since I haven't Vista…
    > Search for folders named "A Note" or
    > "Backup"

    > I had some hard time, but I found it :
    > C:\users\Appdata\Roaming\Anote\backup
    > What is tricky is that Appdata is an
    > "hidden folder" and that you have to
    > correct that before you be allowed to
    > import a backup file in Anote
    > Anyway, thks for prompt answer
    > O.

  • Trilarion

    So, the only way of getting rid of the spam while keeping the information, was copying the information by hand. This is now finished. A Note is still downloaded a lot these days and there are some fixes that should be simple to do. So lets try to bring out a version with some fixes and then see, how its going.

  • Trilarion

    After sending messages to all old programmers and getting no answer I assume that nobody wants to continue with developing after that many years. The current author list was therefore purged. However if at any time, one of these wants to take part again I will be more than happy to add him/her (anyway is more fun than removing). Also I have mentioned them in the copyright section of the wiki as authors of all past versions…

    Now I need new programmers?? :)