I'm wishing to use AAP or a similar system to assist me in configuring a complex shell script(s).

I've looked at autoconf and it looked very confusing, so I started looking into AAP and it seems better than some of the other similar systems for what I want to do (I think). If anyone has other recommendations for what I am trying to do please tell me.

My main quesion would be, is there an easy way to check that particular libraries/programs are installed and of particular versions?

If you look here: http://karakas-online.de/mySGML/ you will see what I am referring to. There's more files than listed there and some of them require particular verisons.

Simplifying the program cannot be done, its not a program in itself but a bunch of scripts written by Chris Karakas that tie together various systems that go from Docbook SGML to PDF/TXT/RTF/HTML output at the press of a button (well thats the idea :)). The problem is the complexity is making everything work together nicely and getting the scripts setup and installed (which is what I'm working on).

I noticed that the Vi example recipe mentioned a depends:
"DEPENDS = gtk>=1.2<2.0 | motif>=1.2 # GTK 2.0 doesn't work yet"

Can I do something like this for things such as LyX (a linux program) easily?

Also once I get basic dependency checking working, I'll start doing more advanced things like modifying the output of the script file according to what is installed etc. (but thats later :))

I hope my lack of research is not too offensive, I have done a bit of reading, but I could not see the obvious answer very quickly...