The Open World Forum 2013 Extends the Call for Participation

OWF2013CfPThe Call for Participation for the 2013 Open World Forum has been extended until the 31st of July. The Open World Forum is the premier European summit gathering political representatives, decision-makers and experts to debate on the technological, economical and social impacts that the Free and Open-Source technologies bring to market.

We have asked Pierre Queinnec, President of the 2013 Open World Forum, to tell us more about this edition.

The baseline for this edition is “Make it Happen!” and summarizes the focus on technological and industrial successes built on Free Software and Open Source. If you want to know how to build a successful free and open source strategy, and network with the people that make it happen on a global scale, then register now! OWF is a non-profit event and we expect this year 3000 attendees in Paris, France.

Last year we chaired the Open Forges Summit track. We look forward to going there again to update the audience about our advancement on Apache Allura development – the technology behind the SourceForge developer platform – and how that is helping EU-funded projects to succeed. For an example check out the opensourceprojects beta site powered by Allura.