SourceForge: Working to Make Our Site Better Every Day

You may have read a recent article on ExtremeTech about potential links from to offending content sites.  Just for the record, SourceForge does not tolerate this kind of abuse.  In a recent example, we addressed a similar issue and remain committed to our site policies.

SourceForge is dedicated to providing great tools to an open community where you can find, create and publish great open source software.  This mission means we allow developers from around the world to publish related content on our site.  While the overwhelming majority of people are good, it’s inevitable that some will abuse the privileges and post inappropriate content.  This type of issue is one faced by other top internet sites with community created content.

We appreciate every report of abuse – that helps us protect our community.  We have taken action to remove the links discussed in this article.  To put this into perspective, the issue highlighted in this report affected an estimated 0.01% of our traffic in the last quarter.  Despite the relatively few people impacted, we apologize for any inconvenience.

We are dedicated to ensuring that SourceForge remains the trusted name in open source software.  SourceForge is a vast site, hosting nearly 300,000 software projects and delivering over 500 million downloads last quarter alone.  To that end, we are committed to evolving our prevention measures on site and investigating reports of abuse.  In the coming days we’ll make the ‘report abuse’ process easier.

We are proud of the projects we host.  We are proud of our active community of open source developers.  And we are proud that our content is user-generated.  Thank you for using SourceForge and we are committed to your success!