Projects of the Week, July 8, 2013

Here’s the projects that we’re featuring this week on the front page of


  • Hugin

    Panorama stitching and more. A powerful software package for creation and processing of panoramic images.

    [ Download Hugin ]

  • elementary OS

    elementary is a software platform; a unified computer operating system. We have a commitment to a particular toolkit (GTK+) and support a preferred programming language (Vala). We decide how our apps will behave. Sometimes we take control and shape the out-of-the-box experience as much as we possibly can by creating our own apps. We’ve created an application development framework (Granite) and other developer tools that are designed to help developers build apps specifically for our platform.

    [ Download elementary OS ]

  • PocketMine-MP

    PocketMine-MP is a server software for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition). It has a Plugin API that enables a developer to extend it and add new features, or change default ones The entire server is done in PHP, and has been tested, profiled and optimized to run smoothly. GitHub Repository:

    [ Download PocketMine-MP ]

  • Free Manga Downloader

    The Free Manga Downloader (FMD) is an open source application written in Object-Pascal for managing and downloading manga from various websites such as AnimeA, MangaFox, MangaHere, Batoto, …

    [ Download Free Manga Downloader ]

  • GhostBSD Project

    GhostBSD is a community driven project to join BSD architecture, performance and security with elegant and effective desktop computing for maximum productivity and usability. We base our work on well designed and stable open source solutions to create an easy to use, familiar environment that works out of the box.

    [ Download GhostBSD Project ]

  • Poedit

    Poedit is cross-platform gettext catalogs (PO files) editor which runs on Unix, Windows and Mac OS X. Unlike other editors, Poedit provides compact view of data and very effective UI.

    [ Download Poedit ]

  • Gallery

    A slick, intuitive web based photo gallery. Gallery is easy to install, configure and use. Gallery photo management includes automatic thumbnails, resizing, rotation, and more. Authenticated users and privileged albums make this great for communities

    [ Download Gallery ]

  • calibre

    calibre – Ebook management

    [ Download calibre ]