phpMyAdmin 4.0 is Coming Soon!

PhpMyAdmin_logo phpMyAdmin 4.0 is coming soon! At our team meeting in February 2012, we had decided that it was time to replace the frames-based interface with an Ajax-based page loader. Therefore, one of the Google Summer of Code 2012 projects undertook this task and now, a few months later, we are in late beta phase.

The interface still offers the familiar navigation and main panels, but the navigation panel always contains a hierarchical tree of databases and all their content, fetch dynamically depending on the user’s actions.

This design choice means that Javascript is now mandatory to be able to run phpMyAdmin 4.x.

Version 4.0 also has smaller new features and many bug fixes, that were evaluated as not critical enough to be part of the 3.5 family.

Finally, the documentation has been revamped by moving it to Sphinx. This also means that it can be downloaded in a number of new formats like PDF, Epub and manpage.

Download the 4.0.0 release candidate here.

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    gespadas Eso es bueno.

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