OpenID on

I’m happy to announce we’re launching support for OpenID!

OpenID is getting tremendous traction and we’re happy to be jumping into it. it’s bringing us back in touch with fresh web (2.0) technology. as a decentralized open-source standard, it’s a perfect fit for us – it allows us to streamline more user interaction and participation with our site, and hopefully more for the whole OSS community.

we’ve spent the past couple weeks on it – integrating the Zend Framework OpenID component into our site code. we like the framework as a whole and I personally hope to use more of it in the future. we’ve been happy to participate, as a company, in the ZF project and have already submitted reports of, and patches for, some OpenID issues and enhancements.

while I’m giving shout-outs, I have to thanks the SF staff who worked on it – especially Paul Huff, Patrick Mee, John Hoffmann, Adam Voigt, Kathi Hutchings, and Wes Moran for tolerating my squawking while they did the productive work over the last few weeks. and Lisa and Ross have really helped me get out of my shell to tell the community about it.

we’re really hoping OpenID is good for our users, and we’re eager to have everyone try it out and give us feedback – both good and bad – here in our community forums, or out in the blogosphere, or wherever. so, go log in with your OpenID already! and learn more about our implementation on our OpenID site doc page.