Open Source Games on SourceForge

Open Source game communities are awesome. Not only do pay great attention to detail, but they’re passionate about things like historical accuracy, playability, user interfaces that get out of your way, and, of course, having fun.

There’s an impressive number of games, game engines, and other game-related projects on SourceForge. 97 at last count, although I expect I’m missing some. (Let me know what I’ve missed.)

In fact, when I was looking through the list of Open Source games on Wikipedia, just over half of them were here.

Some of them are efforts to recreate commercial games, like Mega Mario, and some are original games, like Stendhal and 0 AD.

If it seems like I plug our game communities more than their fair share, it’s just because they seem to be having so much fun, it’s hard not to catch the excitement.

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