New Browse Files Pages, and File Manager

Today we took our beta files page out of beta, and made it the main files page! We’re pretty excited about this because it has a lot of improvements over the old versions. It combines the file browser and file manager (for project admins). Here’s a quick list of changes for file browsing:

  • Faster page loads, especially for projects with lots of files.
  • Simplified page content, to make it easier to find what you want. Click the “i” icon for more details on any file.
  • Some projects have README instructions shown right on the file browse page: README example
  • Sparklines to show recent download activity for each file.
  • The download counts on the new files pages are from our beta stats, which we’re still fine-tuning. So in case you noticed some small changes, that’s why. We’ll be rolling out more improvements to that in the next weeks to make it even more accurate.

And if you’re a project admin, here’s what you’ll find in the new file manager:

  • Progress bar while uploading.
  • Select multiple files to upload at once (in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome).
  • README file content shown on file browse pages. This is a great way to show installation instructions, explain the difference between different releases, or whatever you want to tell your users.
  • Easy file management: screenshot of file manager drawer

Want to see it in action? Give it a try with Flashcard Master’s files, or any of our great open source projects. We hope you like it, too!