HPCC Systems new release and more…

One of our favorite things to do is to let our community know about cool projects on our site. Today, we’re going to highlight 3 projects that have new releases…

The first is HPCC Systems; HPCC is an OSS  Enterprise level package for “Big Data Analysis.” HPCC has released version 4.2.0:

This latest release includes many new enhancements including, but not limited to the following:

  • ECL Visualizations including the new cellFormatter bundle for displaying HTML and Javascript code
  • Technical Preview of more ECL Watch improvements such as query manipulation, multiple fixed spray options and a new ZAP button for easy bug reporting
  • New features in ECL Plugin for Eclipse

See the full release announcement here.

The next project is eWorld; they have released a new version, 1.0.1 of their framework that allows for import of mapping data from providers like OpenStreetMap (OSM). You can read their release announcement here.

Finally, PortableApps has also recently released some new stuff. Check out their latest announcements.

We encourage you to give these projects a look!

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