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Apache OpenOffice hits the 100 Million Downloads Mark!

Apache OpenOffice 100 Million Mark logoThe Apache Software Foundation just announced 100 Million Downloads of Apache™ OpenOffice™.

We are thrilled to be part of this wonderful community, and glad to quote the statement of continued support by our General Manager, Gaurav Kuchhal.

By continuously improving Apache OpenOffice Extensions and Templates sites we show how committed we are about providing projects with what they need most,” said Gaurav Kuchhal, General Manager for Slashdot and SourceForge. “We are happy to help open source projects to grow, no matter where they are hosted or developed. We have been serving over 122 Million downloads for the Apache OpenOffice project, with daily peaks of about 250,000 and we are committed to providing products and services that demonstrate our dedication to technical excellence.

Read the full press-release at the Apache blog.

Apache OpenOffice Extensions Site Gets Social!

Apache OpenOffice Extensions logo

We’re excited to announce that we just released a new Apache OpenOffice Extensions website. This is the fourth time we improve Apache OpenOffice distribution platforms since we started hosting Apache OpenOffice Extensions and Templates sites back in March 2012 (official timeline). Read below to know more about what’s new.

1) Login with your Facebook or Google account.

Finally Apache OpenOffice Extensions website got social, and allows people to login using their Facebook or Google accounts. This would avoid end-users the annoyance of registering and make possible for them to upload a new extension or template from the very first moment. Check it out at

The feature has been already tested over the last few weeks and we observed that about 30% of new users are coming this way.

2) OpenOffice 4 Compatibility Information

You can now see at a glance if an extension is OpenOffice 4 compatible (e.g. English dictionaries for Apache OpenOffice). For extensions that do not provide compatibility data we welcome end-users feedback, by casting a vote to “User feedback: Compatible with OpenOffice 4.x?” you can help us to update the compatibility information for extensions that do not have it yet.

3) OS Automatic Detection

Since some extensions have different versions for the different operating systems – e.g. MySQL Driver for Apache OpenOffice – the “Download now” button automatically provides the right version, with a link to “All releases” to download versions for other platforms.

4) Co-maintainers

Now Extensions authors can enable “co-maintainers” to manage their extensions. Co-maintainers are allowed to create new releases and to modify extensions’ descriptions.

Feature Enhancement: Including Repository Content into Wiki

We’ve just rolled out a new feature which enhances the [[include]] wiki macro in Apache Allura (which powers SourceForge projects). Before this addition, the macro has typically used to include the contents of a different wiki page into the current page. This has now been expanded to to allow a file in a (SVN, Git, or Mercurial) repository to be the import source. We expect this will particularly useful for projects that like to keep their documentation in their repository, but also want it to be easily accessible from the web in a wiki.

Here’s an example of how this might work:

Let’s say I want to include this example document written in Markdown into a wiki page.

I go to the edit mode for the wiki page, and enter this macro:

[[include repo=git]]


Note: for the “repo”, you need to specify the name (ie., mount point) of the repository, not the type. In my example, the name of the repository is “git”.

And that’s it! You can now see the contents on the wiki page:

Of course, this feature works with SVN, Git, and Mercurial repositories on the SourceForge site. Another benefit of this feature, is that the import module supports a variety of formatting languages, so you’re no longer limited to just Markdown.

The format is detected by the file extension, we support the following:

Markdown: .md, .mkd, .mkdn, .mdown, .markdown
Textile: .textile
Creole: .creole
ReST: .rst, .rest, .rst.txt, .rest.txt

Source code file extensions (eg., .c and .py) will be syntax highlighted, but will otherwise be unformatted. All other file extensions will be rendered as plain-text. Binary files, of course, can’t be displayed.

Projects of the Week, April 14, 2014

Here’s the projects that we’re featuring this week on the front page of

Dungeon Crawl Reference

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a free rogue-like game of exploration and treasure-hunting. Stone Soup is a continuation of Linley’s Dungeon Crawl. It is openly developed and invites participation from the Crawl community. See !

[ Download Dungeon Crawl Reference ]

Eric Integrated Development Environment

Eric is a Python IDE written using PyQt and QScintilla. It provides various features such as any number of open editors, an integrated (remote) debugger, project management facilities, unit test, refactoring and much more.

[ Download Eric Integrated Development Environment ]


This is a community driven port of Plex Home Theater for the raspberry pi. The port is lead by Dale Hamel, with help from various members of the plex community. Plex has also been helpful in the creation of rasplex, and has supported the effort.

[ Download rasplex ]


Kiwix is an offline reader for Web content. It’s especially intended to make Wikipedia available offline. With Kiwix, you can enjoy Wikipedia on a boat, in the middle of nowhere… or in Jail. Kiwix manages to do that by reading ZIM files, a highly compressed open format with additional meta-data.

[ Download Kiwix ]


Multi Boot USB / MultiBoot USB / MultiBootUSB is a software / installer which allows user to install multiple Live Linux Distros in to a single USB drive / Pendrive / Flash drive and able to boot from it. USB can be tested without reboot using inbuilt QEMU.

[ Download multibootusb ]

Wake On Lan

Wake On LAN, WakeOnLAN, shutdown software for Windows. A powerful WOL, ping, shutdown, GUI application.

[ Download Wake On Lan ]


ApexDC™ is an innovative DC++ client based on StrongDC++. It features external plugins and scripting through LUA and much more. Both operators and users alike should find ApexDC++ a pleasant experience.

[ Download ApexDC++ ]


A 3rd-party tool to edit user files for the game FasterThanLight. With this, you can unlock any or all ships and achievements in your user profile, or tweak most aspects of saved games: crew, systems, weapons, fires, breaches, etc.

[ Download FTLEditor ]


Open-source, cross platform, sleep tracking software with a focus on monitoring CPAP treatment.

[ Download SleepyHead ]

Projects of the Week, April 7, 2014

Here’s the projects that we’re featuring this week on the front page of


This project is for homebrew console development tools based on the gnu compiler collection with additional tools and libraries to aid programming each supported console. The windows variants are built with MinGW.

[ Download devkitPro ]


calibre – Ebook management

[ Download calibre ]


digiCamControl is an free and open source (GPL) software. This allows you to save time by transferring images directly from your camera to your computer as you take each shot and allow to control camera shooting parameters.

[ Download digiCamControl ]

D-Fend Reloaded

D-Fend Reloaded is a graphical environment for DOSBox. D-Fend Reloaded is a successor of the discontinued D-Fend. Both environments look alike and D-Fend Reloaded contains all features of D-Fend. Even the D-Fend config files can be used.

[ Download D-Fend Reloaded ]


Grisbi is a very functional personal financial management program with a reasonable set of homefinance features.

[ Download Grisbi ]

Areca Backup

Areca-Backup is a file backup software that supports incremental, image and delta backup on local drives or FTP servers. Areca-Backup also allows you to browse your backups and navigate among different version of the files contained in your archives.

[ Download Areca Backup ]

Uniform Server

The Uniform Server is a lightweight server solution for running a web server under the WindowsOS. Less than 24MB! Modular design, includes the latest versions of Apache2, Perl5, PHP (switch between PHP53, PHP54, PHP55 or PHP56), MySQL5 or MariaDB5, phpMyAdmin or Adminer4. Run from either hard drive or USB memory stick… NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED! NO REGISTRY DUST! Just UNPACK and FIRE UP!

[ Download Uniform Server ]

Maxima — GPL CAS based on DOE-MACSYMA

Maxima is a fairly complete computer algebra system written in Common Lisp with an emphasis on symbolic computation. It is based on DOE-MACSYMA and licensed under the GPL. Its abilities include symbolic integration, 3D plotting, and an ODE solver.

[ Download Maxima -- GPL CAS based on DOE-MACSYMA ]

FOG – A Free Cloning Solution

FOG is a free open-source cloning/imaging solution/rescue suite. A alt. solution used to image Windows XP, Vista PCs using PXE, PartImage, and a Web GUI to tie it together. Includes featues like memory and disk test, disk wipe, av scan & task scheduling.

[ Download FOG - A Free Cloning Solution ]