Announcing the Marketplace

Hi! Today, I’ve been given the distinct honor of announcing to you, the community, the general availability of our new Marketplace! Our “Marketplace” is the series of features that can be found under the similarly named tab at the top of your page. These new features allow those of you with expertise to connect with those who need it and are willing to pay for it.

This is the most ambitious thing we’ve done in a while, probably ever. The features we’re launching today represent over a year’s worth of analysis, design, and engineering and, while the end product is certainly not perfect, we think it’s a solid foundation we can build upon as we discover how it’s used and learn what people want.

Our Marketplace can provide a means for developers to generate money by supporting users of their projects, customizing them, implementing new features, or providing training. At the same time it can satisfy the people who have been demanding their skills (even if they don’t know it.) That’s the vision – really, it’s all about making connections. But these days, what isn’t?

Ultimately, these features may end up being something completely different than they are today – in fact, we’re expecting them to be. So build, innovate, and refine! Use our Marketplace creatively! Our hope is that you’ll think of ways to use our platform that we’d never have dreamt of – and we’ll be waiting, armed with coders eager to build roads where you, our pioneers, tread most.