8 Open Source Bitcoin Apps: A SourceForge Downloader’s Guide

Bitcoin logoThe Bitcoin project was registered on SourceForge back in November 2008, and their mailing lists (particularly the development list) remain a vital destination for conversations around Bitcoin. Also our sister site Slashdot has driven surges in Bitcoin users since 2010, as reported in the Bitcoin history. Having played such a role in the bitcoin movement we decided it was great time to publish a first version of a Downloader Guide dedicated to Bitcoin and other alt-coins.

Special thanks to SourceForge user nanotube, who graciously provided most of the content for this guide and serve as an advisor for the rest.

As an aside, as can happen with popular programs, we occasionally see fake versions of established crypto-currency related projects. We review new projects daily and do our best to remove any fake projects. That said, we occasionally miss some, so for any project not in our guide (which we’ve reviewed), stay safe and be sure to check the project history, reviews, other user comments, etc. before downloading. If you come across a suspected fake project that we may have missed please report it to us so we can make sure it’s taken care of.

Check it our guide. If we missed any other important bitcoin-related open source apps, please let us know. We’ll be happy to them to both to our software directory and this downloader guide.

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