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Welcome to Xoops Engine

XOOPS, or eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System, well known as a leading open source CMS and portal system, now becomes an application engine platform for web and mobile applications.

XoopsEngine?, as the new brand of the XOOPS Project, supports open and extensible engines backboned with its multi-engine architecture. As for now there are three engines available:

  • Xoops: the official engine with new architecture utilized Zend Framework as primary library and Smarty as default view templating engine, as well as some third-party libraries. Demo is hosted on xoopsengine.org;
  • Lite: a lite version of the 'Xoops' Engine with no MySQL required, aimed for high performance scenarios;
  • Legacy: for backward compatibility to support legacy modules and templates.

By taking advantages of PHP frameworks like Yii, more engines will be provided by Xoops Engine development team, and community developers are encouraged to develop their custom engines as well.

System requirements:

  • Webserver: Apache with mod_rewrite, or Nginx
  • PHP: PHP 5.3+
  • PHP extensions: APC, memecache/memcached

Access htdocs/install/ to install it.

Starting Points

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