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Support This Project

Linux and Android for T-Mobile Wing


Welcome to our project wiki. We aim to bring Linux and Google's Android operating systems to the T-Mobile Wing and HTC Herald / Atlas platforms.

Currently, the Angstrom 2007.12 Linux distribution featuring the 2.6.25 kernel and debugging / development utilities operate on many Wing and Herald phones, along with a minimally functional Android installation. The system boots using the HaRet boot system, so no flashing is involved. The kernel is based on the work done by the linwizard project.

Current guides detail repartitioning an SD card to contain the Linux distribution, along with some swap space for some extra breathing room.

Current Release

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The latest release is 0.2. It requires a repartitioned SD card to operate (instructions included in the file). Get it here.

Call for Developers

If you have a T-Mobile Wing, HTC Atlas, or HTC Herald and would like to help, we're looking for developers familiar with Linux programming and especially kernel development. While we do have a working kernel for some, a great many things, like GSM, wireless/bluetooth, and sound are not working yet. Shoot us a line if you're interested!