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WDB has moved!

WDB has moved its main code repository to git. The Sourceforge file repository will continue to be updated and the mailing lists (wdb-user, wdb-development) will continue to be used, but this trac instance is deprecated for other purposes.

To receive release information about WDB, register on Freshmeat and subscribe to WDB.

About WDB

WDB is a database system designed to store meteorological, hydrological and oceanographic (MHO) data in a PostgreSQL database management server. The purpose of the WDB system is to improve the quality and effectiveness of IT systems for MHO production by providing a flexible and effective data storage solution for real-time and archive data. The system:

  • Can decode and store meteorological and oceanographic forecast fields
    • WDB has loading programs to load forecasts, analysis, wave and circulations models stored in GRIB1 and FELT format. Metadata is provided for Norwegian HIRLAM fields and some ECMWF data.
  • Has a flexible retrieval interface
    • The WDB Call Interface (WCI) allows the extraction of entire fields or points (time-series) from the database using an SQL-based function interface.
    • WCI is compatible with C++; it should be usable in C, Java, Perl, Python, Fortran and other programming languages that support data acess to Postgres as well (however, these interfaces are not currently tested).
  • Is Open Source
    • WDB is licensed under GPL2 or (at your option) any later version.


The following resources may be useful to answer any questions:


WDB is an open source project. We welcome patches and we will help you get more involved, if you want to be.