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Project guidelines

The core of the development process is a community with a project in SourceForge. All code and the documentation needed for understanding what the project is about and how the system is crafted is supposed to be stored here.

All code and documentation is available in the Subversion repository, instructions how to use the code and set up Visitas can be ontained from the trac wiki. If you find a bug, please report it in the Bugs forum. The project admin will then transfer the relevant bugs to trac.

The administrative project leader is Thomas Kvist. He is the interface between the developers and the steering committee and is employed by the city of Umeå to make sure that the city’s rules and regulations regarding projects in general are met.

The community is lead by Johan Ekblad, Omicron Ceti AB who together with Magnus Häggström, Omicron Ceti AB is paid by the project to create the code that implements the functions that are prioritized by the steering committee that finances their work. The architecture will be reviewed by Henrik Ekblad, Omicron Ceti AB

Everyone is of course welcome to join the Community of Visitas. Exactly how the community should be organized depends greatly on the wishes of the developers who has joined the community. However we have produced the initial requirements for Visitas.

  1. Johan and Magnus will create a first version of the system and release it.
  1. Tickets will be created by testers of all sorts who downloads and tests the system. The whishes and complaints of the steering committee will also be documented as tickets. People that's not members of the project report bugs in the Bugs forum and new feature requests in the Feature Request forum. Tickets will then be created by the admins.
  1. The tickets will be reviewed by the developers and a recommendation is sent to the steering committee. Based on their decision, some tickets will be handled by the paid developers if no one else in the community volunteers.
  1. A new release of the system is made available