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Welcome to the Visitas project

Mobile guide for the mobile generation

The majority of people always have access to a mobile phone. Despite that, there are a lot of information to visitors that assumes you are using a computer. A computer works of course fine when you sit at home or in your hotel room and planning your activities, but it won't work when you are walking around in the city or out on the field

The need for information which is accessible via mobile phone is something the Visitas project has taken on. The project will produce a feature-rich Digital Guide, a user visits the guide through their mobile phone's browser. By building the solution using open source software and also make the finished product available as open source achieves various positive effects for the region in general and for entrepreneurs in the creative and tourism sector especially.

The digital guide will increase the level of service to visitors, but will also stimulate economic activity of various kinds. A Glass Blower near the old church will receive more visitors and the restaurant near the memorial will have more lunch guests since they will be able make their existence known for people visiting the nearby sights. This will benefit both the visitors whose experience of the visit will be enhanced and various entrepreneurs will get more customers and money. The Digital Guide is basically a website designed for the mobile phone's small screen. The Digital Guide provides information via this website about various sights, restaurants and other things of interest. The guide has audio playback functions, map- functions, rating and comment features among many other things.

Link to the Social Web The digital guide is linked to the Flickr photo database so that you can see pictures taken by the public from the area in which the Point Of Interest is situated. Visitors can also rate and comment the Point Of Interest and of course also read other visitors ratings and comments. This makes it easier to judge whether a place or a restaurant is worth visiting or not. There is also ways to get contents to be user-driven. Various studies have shown that content created by users is more read and is perceived as more reliable than information created by an editor or a company.

Open source means freedom and flexibility The digital guide is based on a web publishing system called Joomla. Joomla is in turn based on products like Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. All these are licensed as Open Source Software which means that they are free for anyone who wants to use them or adapt them to suit their needs.

The technical solution is very flexible and can handle practically all types of content, everything that can be marked on a map.

The guide is available in a test version at http://www.digitalvisit.se code can be downloaded from www.sourceforge.net (search for "visitas")

This place

This is the place to:

  • Submit feature requests
  • Submit bugs reported in the bugs forum
  • Fix bugs and mark them "to be tested"
  • Test and mark as fixed

Help us!

See how the project works here. If you find a bug please submit a patch here (you have to have an account at SF)

Installing a site

  • InstallSite (Install and customize Joomla with our extensions)

Creating a guide

Joomla! extensions made in project

  • MobiVisit (Our mobile template for Joomla!)
  • MobiView (Our improved mobile template, only for Joomla 1.6)
  • MobiMaps (Our map extension, designed for mobile devices)
  • MoreInfo (Our extension for attaching additional information to an article)
  • MobiRate (Our extension for simple content rating)
  • MobiShare (Our extension for sharing articles with communities such as Facebook and Twitter)
  • MobiForms (Our extension for competions and surveys)
  • MobiPics (Our extension for showing random images)
  • ImportTool (Import data from other sources + component for displaying events)

Our environment


Bugs Forum
Visitas home page
Visitas staging environment
Visitas continuous integration environment

The Digital Guide has been created by Omicron Ceti AB on behalf of Norrbottens county council, Piteå municipality, Region of Västerbotten, Robertsfors municipality, Skellefteå municipality, Umeå municipality, Västerbottens county council and European Regional Development Found as a part in the swedish project "200 years of peace".

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