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VarPlan is a web application to manage and visualize variants with their depencies and modules in tree like graph structures. The web application is a "Rich Internet Application" ("RIA") using Adobe Flash version 9 or later.


Research and development is often an iterative process. VarPlan helps you to document your iterative steps (variants) and to track your progress through the project. You can also share your project documentation in a team, because VarPlan is a interactive web application accessible through every web browser supporting Adobe Flash Player version 9 or later.


  • document multiple projects in navigation tree (can be reordered by drag and drop)
  • interactive variant tree
  • structure your projects with components
  • define properties on your project variants or components

Project Status

The software and documentation is currently in alpha stage.


See here for the latest versions.

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Found a bug ? Please use VarPlan bug tracker to browse existing bug reports or report a new bug.