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Open Source Versions of The Incredible Machine

Over the years, many attempts have been done to build a open source version of The Incredible Machine.

The fact that so many projects failed suggests that TIM is a very special game. Due to the complex requirements (physics, interactivity, graphics), it definitely is not an easy game to develop.

We are aware of the following projects:

  • The Penguin Machine Originally started in C, rewrite in C++. Abandoned in 2003.
  • The Penguin Machine It appears there also is a Python game with this name, from 2005.
  • Time Stop Abandoned in 2009. Using OpenGL and Box2D

Not exactly TIM clones, but definitely worth mentioning:

  • Funny Sketches Using C++, Box2D and QT. This game appears to have stalled early 2010.
  • Spheres of Influence "A bunch of spheres floating around in space" C++/SDL/OpenGL. In active (slow) development.

We thank all of the authors for inspiration and proof that TIM is a game worth attempting to re-create.

Note that The Butterfly Effect is not meant to become a 100% TIM clone:

  • No cartoon-style animation
  • Realistic physics (and yes, we strech Newton's third law a little here-and-there)
  • Only earthly physics; no electricity; no anti-gravity