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and .


21:18 Changeset [802] by kvangend
new level, but unstable: fails on first run, works on second ?!?
19:05 Changeset [801] by kvangend
finish level 28 for ticket:19
08:46 Ticket #81 (running tbe outside working directory causes havoc) closed by kvangend
fixed: changeset:800 resolves this ticket.
08:41 Changeset [800] by kvangend
Remove paths from the code and replace with macros. Make these macro's …
06:58 Ticket #83 (BiteSize: i18n: make language selectable from GUI) created by kvangend
People might want to change the language to their native one, even if they …
06:54 Ticket #82 (i18n: finish translation of strings to dutch) created by kvangend
Follow instructions at CodeInternationalization . done for now


10:09 Ticket #81 (running tbe outside working directory causes havoc) created by kvangend
Found during testing the installer. When TBE is started using the desktop …


18:57 AbstractBall edited by kvangend
18:57 AbstractBall edited by kvangend
more info. (diff)
18:53 AbstractBall created by kvangend
created page.
18:47 Changeset [799] by kvangend
first (incomplete/unfinished) shot at the coke powered bike level
18:43 CustomBall edited by kvangend
improve XML (diff)
18:40 CustomBall created by kvangend
created page.
18:34 Changeset [798] by kvangend
new object type: Custom Ball
17:52 Changeset [797] by kvangend
new graphic: blue bike
17:50 Changeset [796] by kvangend
Add property "Radius" and sort the property strings in the cpp file.


20:53 Ticket #80 (generalize friction) created by kvangend
It is currently an (optional) property of RectObject and PolyObject. …
15:02 Changeset [795] by kvangend
get rid of <%Dir <%InstallDir?%>%> in the destination install location pane
14:58 Changeset [794] by kvangend
really remove 'launch application' from installer
14:55 Changeset [793] by kvangend
make icon for desktop shortcut work
14:48 Changeset [792] by kvangend
disable launch of game at end of installer
14:41 TestMatrix edited by kvangend
installer+game work on Ubuntu 10.04! (diff)
12:43 HowToMakeARelease edited by kvangend
12:41 HowToMakeARelease edited by kvangend
12:38 HowToMakeARelease edited by kvangend
12:34 Changeset [791] by kvangend
fixup manifest generation
12:25 Changeset [790] by kvangend
hide error in find
12:17 HowToMakeARelease edited by kvangend
12:15 Changeset [789] by kvangend
improve script a little
12:13 HowToMakeARelease edited by kvangend
layout improvements. (diff)
12:10 HowToMakeARelease edited by kvangend
beef up the "Create Source Archive topic" (diff)
12:06 Changeset [788] by kvangend
move make source archive script into main tree
12:01 Changeset [787] by kvangend
update installer with new files
11:52 Changeset [786] by kvangend
use chickenwire texture
11:46 Ticket #12 (refactoring: do not (re)paint objects that are sleeping) closed by kvangend
invalid: using the framerate counter as implemented in ticket:78, QT only redraws …
11:45 Ticket #78 (performance: add framerate counter) closed by kvangend
fixed: changeset:785 implements this framerate counter.
11:44 Changeset [785] by kvangend
Display the framerate.
11:31 Ticket #79 (BiteSize: make game options dialog) created by kvangend
After changeset:785, there will be 4 configuration settings that players …
11:09 Changeset [784] by kvangend
add butterfly-on-steroids
11:07 Changeset [783] by kvangend
improve butterfly-on-steroids to make it playable
11:06 Changeset [782] by kvangend
double texture size
09:36 Ticket #78 (performance: add framerate counter) created by kvangend
according to top, TBE isn't spending most of its time within tbe, but …
09:23 Changeset [781] by kvangend
add chickenwire texture
08:44 HowToMakeARelease edited by kvangend
add hint about doxygen to procedure (diff)


08:49 Changeset [780] by kvangend
fixes to make beam have better mass - related to ticket:70


22:00 TestMatrix edited by kvangend
21:59 TestMatrix edited by kvangend
some updates (diff)
21:47 Ticket #26 (Installer: make RELEASE build) closed by kvangend
fixed: done, working :-)
21:46 HowToMakeARelease edited by kvangend
more body. (diff)
21:39 HowToMakeARelease edited by kvangend
more body (diff)
21:24 HowToMakeARelease created by kvangend
first shot, based on source:/tags/HowToMakeARelease.txt@777
21:10 Ticket #25 (Installer: Build installer) closed by kvangend
fixed: changeset:778 and changeset:779 complete this task.
21:09 Ticket #65 (toolbox item names cannot be translated) closed by kvangend
duplicate: duplicate of ticket:56 which was resolved in milestone:M7 .
21:06 Changeset [779] by kvangend
make installjammer script work
20:53 Changeset [778] by kvangend
more improvments to installjammer config


20:08 Changeset [777] by kvangend
first shot at getting+installing installjammer
19:35 Ticket #77 (QT connections on top level widgets) closed by kvangend
fixed: Replying to kvangend: > confirmed second binary dissect: the …
19:34 Changeset [776] by kvangend
fixing ticket:77 again


07:34 Changeset [775] by kvangend
fix compile warnings about virtual destructors in CentOS 5.4.


08:25 Changeset [774] by kvangend
add space separation between Box2D and Physics
08:23 Changeset [773] by kvangend
fixup make-release.sh i18n generation


17:32 TestMatrix edited by kvangend
17:30 Ticket #77 (QT connections on top level widgets) reopened by kvangend
bah, building on a new machine after changeset 772 showed that the problem …
15:41 Ticket #24 (Installer: add QT4.5 for release builds) closed by kvangend
fixed: with ticket:77 resolved any many other fixes checked in, one now can build …
15:40 Ticket #77 (QT connections on top level widgets) closed by kvangend
fixed: changeset:772 resolves this issue.
15:39 Changeset [772] by kvangend
solve ticket:77.
14:31 TestMatrix edited by kvangend
CentOS 5.4 will not work. (diff)
12:59 Changeset [771] by kvangend
fixup make-release script
11:52 Changeset [770] by kvangend
improve configure to work with the new 3rdParty Makefile
10:49 WikiStart edited by kvangend
add download link (diff)
10:30 WikiStart edited by kvangend
add request for feedback and a list of what help we could use… (diff)


10:40 Changeset [769] by kvangend
more work on butterfly-on-steroids level


21:08 Changeset [768] by kvangend
first shot at the level
18:29 Changeset [767] by kvangend
next attempt at building static release
10:52 Changeset [766] by kvangend
no printfs in code
10:44 Ticket #56 (i18n: object descriptions in toolbox are only in English) closed by kvangend
fixed: changeset:765 resolves the rest of the ticket.
10:43 Changeset [765] by kvangend
add NL names to all toolbox items and update dictionary
10:39 Changeset [764] by kvangend
make naming of objects slightly more robust
10:36 Changeset [763] by kvangend
final first go at installer - x86_64 now works as expected
10:24 Changeset [762] by kvangend
installer images


21:12 Ticket #76 (i18n: splash screen contains fixed text) closed by kvangend
fixed: changeset:761 resolves this issue.
21:11 Changeset [761] by kvangend
Removed string from splash screen svg, coded it in the splash screen class …
21:08 Ticket #64 (i18n: window title remains untranslated) closed by kvangend
fixed: changeset:760 resolves this issue.
21:08 Changeset [760] by kvangend
Fix of ticket:64 and ticket:56 - add i18n for window title and toolbox. …
21:04 Changeset [759] by kvangend
fixup compilation issues in release mode.
21:03 Ticket #74 (switch organization in code) closed by kvangend
fixed: changeset:758 resolves this issue.
21:02 Changeset [758] by kvangend
fix ticket:74 - use our new domain name.


17:38 Changeset [757] by kvangend
something that should help with ticket:77
17:14 Ticket #77 (QT connections on top level widgets) created by kvangend
Whilst working on ticket:24, I ran into this issue: Object::connect: No …


17:17 Changeset [756] by kvangend
Initial doxygen config, for ticket:42
16:54 Ticket #76 (i18n: splash screen contains fixed text) created by kvangend
(click this pane to start)
16:52 Changeset [755] by kvangend
fixup start/stop - it now works (better)…
16:42 Ticket #31 (improve "Congratulations" and "Death" message) closed by kvangend
fixed: commit changeset:754 fixes this task.
16:40 Changeset [754] by kvangend
fixup ticket:31 - congrats and death messages.


17:02 Changeset [753] by kvangend
replace magic number by -already existing- getter.
17:02 Changeset [752] by kvangend
fixup i18n for dutch.
17:01 Ticket #75 (feature: fast forward option in stopwatch) closed by kvangend
fixed: finished implementation with changeset:751.
17:01 Changeset [751] by kvangend
Finish ticket:75 - start/stopwatch fast forward implementation.


13:53 Changeset [750] by kvangend
checkin the script used for milestone 6.
13:49 Changeset [749] by kvangend
Fixup wrong asserts in the code. Of course, these showed up when trying to …
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