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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Resolution Keywords
#93 more levels in milestone:M9 task blocker fixed
#235 fixup Mass initialisation defect blocker fixed physics, mass
#256 regression by 243: level "balloons go up" segfaults kvangend defect blocker fixed regression.
#261 many objects move between sim and non-sim states kvangend defect blocker fixed
#262 regression of 243: all coke bottles are massless (?) and crash tbe kvangend defect blocker fixed CokeMentosBottle
#263 regression of 243: level Poing Poing Poing cannot work anymore kvangend defect blocker fixed
#264 regression of 243: level "springboard" cannot work anymore defect blocker fixed
#265 (regression of ticket:243) removal of sensor interface leaves Cactus and BedOfNails in a bad state defect blocker fixed
#266 regression of 243: object sizes seem to have grown defect blocker fixed
#243 Upgrade to latest Box2D kvangend task critical fixed Box2D, upgrade
#248 Regression: drag&drop for objects with built-in pivot point doesn't move pivot point kvangend defect critical fixed pivotpoint, regression
#295 zoingandboom fails on some machines defect critical fixed
#297 Dial B for Boom doesn't work anymore? defect critical fixed
#34 feature: implement GlueBlob kvangend task major fixed glue distance joint
#58 backgrounds are not adjustable kvangend task major fixed background, image, gradient
#148 Level Creator: implement undo for Object property changes or ID changes kvangend task major fixed Level Creator, Undo, Properties, ID
#179 Bitesize: Goals: state changes should be goals task major fixed Goal, state change,
#206 BiteSize: add rotational damping to balloon kvangend task major fixed
#214 Feature: add custom death conditions kvangend task major fixed goal, death
#215 fixup all levels for T-Dose exploits cheat major fixed T-Dose, exploit
#223 new feature: triggers and explosions kvangend task major fixed trigger, explosion
#225 new feature: quarter arc kvangend task major fixed PolyObject, quarter arc
#230 BiteSize: no Next> button upon death task major fixed next button,
#231 Toolbox objects display basic name, not the expected name defect major worksforme ToolBox, name
#232 BiteSize: Level Marble Boulevard: add a post-it note to mention 2 left ramps task major fixed
#233 during game pause, Drag&Drop doesn't work, but no hint why defect major fixed drag drop
#234 i18n: finish translation of strings to dutch task major fixed
#236 new feature: spring kvangend task major fixed spring, object
#242 another segfault defect major invalid
#246 Document Level Creator functionality wiki major fixed wiki, Level Creator, documentation
#251 Validate all levels for impact of ticket:235 and ticket:243 lspace defect major fixed regressions.
#254 regression by 235: butterfly no longer flies defect major fixed regression.
#255 regression by 243: any touch to butterfly kills it kvangend defect major fixed regression.
#257 regression by 235 or 243: balloon no longer flies kvangend defect major fixed regression.
#258 regression of 243: forgot to redo NoCollision kvangend defect major fixed regression.
#260 Rebuild Physics model for every simulation kvangend task major fixed Box2D, object model
#269 very odd crash :-( kvangend defect major fixed
#273 link between object and balloon is not removed when balloon pops / doesn't return when scene is reset kvangend defect major fixed joint, link, object creation, visibility
#274 Level Creator: file name not honored defect major fixed level creator, save
#275 Level Creator: clicking object anchor after drag selects previous object kvangend defect major fixed level creator, resize anchor, select
#276 allow jpg images kvangend defect major fixed jpg, jpeg, image
#278 very low frame rates at "contraption1" kvangend defect major fixed regression, performance
#280 set phone number kvangend defect major fixed detonator box, phone number
#281 explosion doesn't remove original body kvangend defect major fixed
#287 BiteSize: add splash screen task major fixed splash screen
#289 focus issues/crash kvangend defect major worksforme
#290 popping two balloons simultaneously can go wrong kvangend defect major fixed
#291 cheats and feedback on milestone:M8 (dutch) kvangend cheat major fixed
#296 make-source/make-release/make-linux-installer build errors kvangend defect major fixed
#298 jpeg images get garbled in release builds kvangend defect major fixed jpg jpeg release display
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