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saifix (sx) kernel project uses support libraries, components and tools "adapted" or "used" from works under "category A" list.

The category A works are licensed under:

  • Apache License 2.0
  • Apache Software License 1.1. Including variants:
    • PHP License 3.01
  • BSD (without advertising clause). Including variants:
    • DOM4J License
  • MIT/X11
  • ICU
  • University of Illinois/NCSA
  • W3C Software License
  • X.Net
  • zlib/libpng
  • FSF autoconf license
  • DejaVu? Fonts (Bitstream Vera/Arev licenses)
  • Academic Free License 3.0
  • Service+Component+Architecture+Specifications
  • OOXML XSD ECMA License
  • Microsoft Public License (MsPL)
  • Creative Commons Attribution (CC-A)
  • Creative Commons Copyright-Only Dedication
  • Python Software Foundation License
  • Adobe Postcript(R) AFM files

sxsaint project is a repository that hosts the original code and patches specific to saifix kernel project.

Each work is maintained under its own license and the patches are maintained under a dual-license ie. the specific license of original work and also under Apache Software License.

When building a library or application that composes works from this set, specific attribution should be added to NOTICE file.