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Release 0.9.9

released on Friday, 13 October 2006

This is a bugfix release with quite some changes under the hood. A fair amount of internalMess(TM) has been removed and there are a few usability improvements.

Many files have been reorganized in order to make the code flexible enough for packaging (it now allows certain adjustments that a packager might need to do to match the specifics of a some linux distribution/os/platform...).

The naming convention of the released files has changed too. It is all lowercase now and looks like this:


The gui package is what used to be the StockManiac tarball - the web application part or shorter: GUI. The daemon package contains, well, the Daemon. Both packages can be used independend from each other.

The package type may vary. I will always release tarballs (.tar.gz) for manual, fairly platform independend or highly customized installations.

Beside the tarballs are RPM packages available for Fedora/RedHat systems (1). They have been designed by following the Fedora Project Packaging Guidelines. Maybe, some day, they'll be available in the fedora-extras repository (depending on how many people use it).

However, right now dependencies are kind of an issue: it needs some perl libraries (versions) which aren't available in Fedora yet. Even with fedora-extras and livna enabled (though, I havn't tried DAG and AT-rpms...). The only way to get the software working on FC5 is by resolving as much as possible with yum (ie. install perl-Finance-Quote). Then upgrade/install the missing pieces manually with the CPAN module (read the INSTALL file on this). This is not clean, but no choice right now...

Have Fun,


Release Notes

  • BUGFIX: #1566592 empty Quote records when submitting Current Quote form
  • BUGFIX #1571790 - new orders on closed positions - possible?
  • watch out when upgrading: the source root has been renamed to be lowercase
  • re-designed the plugin-template load process: it now uses Smarty's "generic resources" feature instead of weird relative paths
  • config files have been reorganized for flexible packaging
    • stockmaniac.inc.php for installation specific settings (database connection, default language, etc...)
    • path.inc.php to handle all paths (users should not need to fiddle with this, packagers might create patches against this file)
  • other fixes and usability improvements (read the ChangeLog file for details)

(1) I am preparing for LPI exams. Part of this is knowing how RPM works. So I thought it's learned best by just producing some packages myself...