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We sort the people behind the project in 3 concentric 'circles' ; from the widest to the most shrink one :

  • the "Contributors" : the developers, designers and artists who occasionally participate to the project, whatever way and degree of involvement (discussions, code or artwork patches, testing, ...),
  • the "Pre-Development Team" (aka the "Pre-Dev. Team") : a sub-set of the contributors who participate to the development more than occasionally, in a very active and mostly continuous manner, in full acceptance and accordance to the rules of the project, as proved by their everyday behaviour ; some apply for becoming part of the "Dev. Team" (see below), some others not,
  • the "Development Team" (aka the "Dev. Team") itself : the core set of developers, designers and artists, who have write access to the subversion repository and Trac Wiki.

TODO (call for contributions) :

  • Find a better name for "Pre-Development Team",
  • Links to the rules.

The Development Team

(aka the "Dev. Team")

The active members

They regularly work on the project, whatever means (commits to SVN, discussions, votes, ...) :

NameSF.net idNationalityTeam roleMain area
Gaëtan André? rvlander French developer 3D code, re-factoring : #745 Separation of sound module from ssgraph
Wolf-Dieter Beelitz wdbee German artist, developer Simplix robot, robot tools
Xavier Bertaux torcs-ng French artist, developer, moderator Cars and tracks design, weather simulation, graphics
Eckhard M. Jaeger (aka bart) area42 German artist In-game menu interface style, web sites, HQ cars and tracks enhancements
Kristóf Kály-Kullai kakukri Hungarian developer, tester Physics reference for the project, Simu V2.1, 2.0 car set-up rework leader
Gábor Kmetykó (aka kilo) kmetykog Hungarian artist, developer Kilo2008 robot, board enhancements, code clean-up, whole code management, some tracks
Enrico Mattea (aka Ocirne) ocirne94 Italian tester Whole game tests, Master (English) project page at Wikipedia
Haruna Say (aka atomixsearch) harunasan American artist, car tuner Cars design / skinning / set-up (LS1, TRB1, SC, MP5, ...) / resident crash test dummy
Joe Thompson (aka minijoe)? beaglejoe American developer Menu music
Simon Wood? mungewell Canadian developer, tester Board enhancements, multi-screen, tests

Note: Names listed in alphabetic order of family name.

The inactive members

This "inactive" state is not at all a kind of punishment ; it is first a temporary state, and second simply a way to help the team go on full steam and no unneeded brakes on :

  • are in a temporary but long-time-lasting "dormant" state, with no activity at all (criteria : during 1 month, no code commit, no participation to any discussion, no answer to any team-wide or private question or request for voting),
  • they are by definition excluded from the votes, and are not counted in the definition of the "majority of the dev. team", as defined in the heading chapter of the release method,
  • one must of course warn the team when he/she feels he/she's going into such state more than a month (and thus temporarily renounce to his/her vote power),
  • but the team can also decides this when it realizes an 'active' member is actually in this state without notifying (after kindly asking news to the member and getting his/her agreement, or failing to get any answer after 1 more request within 2 more weeks).
NameSF.net idNationalityTeam roleMain area
Mart Kelder martkelder Dutch developer Career racing mode, Build system, non graphical code management
Andrew Sumner andrewsumner Australian artist, car tuner, developer 3D car modelling expert (SC, 36GP, LS1, MP5, LP1, ...), cars set-ups, 3D graphics (animated driver, spin smoke, ...)
Jean-Philippe Meuret pouillot French developer, moderator Project coordination, whole code / architecture / build system / release management, multi-threading, menu enhancements, code cleanup and architecture enhancements, MinGW port

Note: Names listed in alphabetic order of family name.

How to become a member of the dev. team ?

As a newcomer, becoming a member of the dev. team implies that :

  • you accept all of the rules of the project and commit yourself to respect them (this has to be done in an official way, through at least a mail to the dev. mailing list, be it direct or through your mentor) :
  • as a "member" of the "Pre-dev. Team" for some time (see above), you have concretely proven this acceptance and commitment through :
    • active discussions with the dev. team or your mentor,
    • proposed and accepted patches,
    • active collaboration with the team when your patches are integrated to the code and art-work base (reviews, fixes, ...),
  • you really want it, of course,
  • you officially ask it (through the dev. mailing list, or by asking your mentor to do it in your name, when you are too shy ;-),
  • along with your request, you explain your plans for the project : what you want to work on in general, and in details if you already know.

All of this generally takes some time : be patient and modest, and understand that :

  • the project has an history, you have to smartly find your way in this flow, and adapt yourself to it (not the contrary),
  • the dev. team needs time and facts in order to trust you (about your skills, your commitment to the project and its rules, ...),
  • when you are in, only 1 rule could prevent you from changing things : democracy ; you'll have to convince the team that your plans are good for the project, through fair and open discussions (proofs and facts count above all), and sometimes democratic votes. That's the law.

The Pre-Development Team

(aka the "Pre-Dev. Team")

TODO (call for contributions) :

  • Find a better name for "Pre-Development Team",
  • Complete !
Name SF.net idNationalityRoleMentor Main area
Boris Brönner uykusuz German developer Kilo 3D code : #691 ACCC shadow problems, #589 New rear mirror
Gionni Brun (aka MadBad?) madbad Italian tester (developer) None Whole game tests, (Ongoing: project page Italian translation at Wikipedia.it)
Uwe Kadritzke tankjob German tester None 3D graphics, audio rendering

Note: Names listed in alphabetic order of family name.


Name SF.net id NationalityRoleMain area
Christos Dimitrakakis olethros Greek consultant TORCS physics expert
Kennet Eriksson kennet_eriksson Swedish artist, test driver Test driving (cars and tracks), Tuna track
Sebastian Heni (aka seba) chemieprog German artist, tester Tests, tracks + volunteer for German translation of the menu, when possible
Alec Leamas alec_leamas packager Fedora 17 binary package
Filipe Lopes Spanish packager Ubuntu 10, 11, 12 PPA packages
Tom Low-Shang tomlowshang Canadian tester, developer test driver, build system, on-line race mode (+ help on Fedora 17 binary package)
Vicente Martí Centelles vtemarticent Spanish artist, tester Tests, F1 model, Torcs Car Setup Editor with additions for SD compatibility
Ángel P. Rosado apr-torcs Spanish artist, tester Spanish artist, tester, cars and tracks
Jaime Vives Piqueres jaimevives Spanish artist, tester Graphics rendering advices
W-E-C - Austrian artist, designer Cars, buildings for Salzfelden

Note: Names listed in alphabetic order of family name.