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User Mail Aliases

To aid in communications between developers, and between projects and their users, each registered user on SourceForge.net is provided a mail alias. Any email sent to a user's mail alias is automatically passed to the email address that is on file for a that account.


  • Mail aliases take the form: username@users.sourceforge.net
  • Many email clients will allow you to set this address as the From address, when sending mail. Is someone else sending mail using your mail alias?
  • Mail sent to your mail alias is silently forwarded to the private email address associated with your account. Are these emails bouncing?
  • These mails are accessed through your normal mailbox. SourceForge.net does not store your mail for retrieval or provide POP/IMAP services.
  • Many developers choose to have their mailing list subscriptions and other project-related mail go to their mail alias so they need only update the email address on their SourceForge.net user account if their email address changes.
  • Your account's email address may be changed from the Account Maintenance page. Email address changes take effect once per minute.
  • Mail aliases are removed when a user account is removed.

Mail Alias Behavior

Users can set how they want their SourceForge.net mail alias to behave. This setting is found on the Account page.


  • Accept all mail - this will likely include some amount of spam.
  • Accept mail from SourceForge.net internal hosts only - (Default Setting) this will only accept mail from SourceForge.net hosts, including mailing lists, etc.
  • Accept no mail (reject) - all mail will be blocked. Senders will receive a Non-Delivery Report (eg: bounce) from their mail system with an error similar to "550: No such user."
    • Users with this setting will still receive email from SourceForge.net including all site mailings and mailings to project administrators.

Getting help

  • Issues with accessing your mail should be directed to the email service provider; we just forward mail on to your private email address.
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