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The SourceForge.net Crew

All site improvements and official support for SourceForge.net comes from our dedicated crew.

Meet the SourceForge.net Team Members:

  • Kyle Adams, Software Engineer
  • Dave Brondsema, Sr. Software Engineer
  • David Burley, Manager, NOC; Sr. Systems Programmer/Analyst
  • Rick Copeland, Sr. Software Engineer
  • Wayne Davison, Sr. Systems Programmer/Analyst
  • Jeff Drobick, President and CEO, Media
  • Jacob Moorman, Director of Operations (SOG)
  • Ben Prew, Systems Programmer/Analyst
  • Jenny Steele, Software Engineer
  • Christopher Tsai, Support Specialist
  • Tim Vansteenburgh, Software Engineer
  • Wayne Witzel, Software Engineer

Getting help

SourceForge.net staff members work full time on site improvements. Throughout the site, a golden wrench icon will appear next to the usernames of SourceForge.net staff.

If you require support from the SourceForge.net staff, please submit a Support Request. Please do not contact SourceForge.net staff directly by email or by the SourceForge.net user messaging system. All such messages are forwarded to the support team.