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Version 12 (modified by moorman, 5 years ago)


Site docs launch plan in-progress (completed events struck through):

  1. Feedback solicited on the Slashnet IRC #sourceforge channel
  2. Site docs launching 2009-01-28; new content substantially better and more accurate than the old site docs.
  3. Announce to Site Status
  4. Revisions being made to the last few docs (get them to initial draft state)
  5. Deploy stubs in place of old wikispaces-housed site documentation, pointing to new docs
  6. Deploy the IncludeMacro plugin for Hosted Apps Trac
  7. Update site links to point to new site docs
  8. 2009-01-29 IRC event, users welcome to talk about new site docs approach
  9. Remove draft dates from page footers
  10. Use IncludeMacro to standardize footer contents for the docs
  11. Deploy stubs in place of old alexandria docmanager-housed site documentation, pointing to new docs
  12. Respond to community feedback
  13. Open editing access to select community members
  14. Refine project admin pages based on new site docs
  15. Refine site docs front page - make more succinct