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Interactive Shell Service

Project developers can access an Interactive Shell if they have been granted shell access for the project. The Interactive Shell provides a command line interface that can be used to manage the following:

  • Project web content
  • Developer web content
  • Project uploads
  • CVS repositories


The Interactive Shell supports the following features:

  • SSH shell access to project content
  • Comprehensive set to command line tools
  • 4 hour shell life - shells are automatically terminated after 4 hours.
  • Password or SSH keys authentication
  • CVS repository administration

The Interactive Shell does not support the following features:


Project members must be granted shell access by a project administrator. Project administrators can grant shell access to project members from the project site:

  • https://sourceforge.net/projects/PROJECT

via the:

  • Admin>Members interface


Interactive Shell sessions persist for 4 hours once created. Authorized developers that have been granted shell access for a project can create/connect to an Interactive Shell with:

ssh -t USER,PROJECT@shell.sourceforge.net create

If you do not have an active Interactive Shell session a help page can be viewed with:

ssh USER@shell.sourceforge.net

Putty client

For those using the Putty SSH client, set the following settings for the Putty session:

Session Host Name: "shell.sourceforge.net"
Session Connection Type: "SSH"
Connection > SSH > TTY uncheck "Don't allocate a pseudo-terminal"
Connection > SSH Remote command: "create"
Connection > Data Auto-login username: "USER,PROJECT"
  • Open the session and provide your password at the prompt.

SSH Key Authentication

If a user has set up SSH keys, they can be used to authenticate to an Interactive Shell session. Please see the following for more information on setting up SSH keys:

Use the '-i' option to pass your private key file to the ssh command:

ssh -i PATH-TO-PRIV-KEY -t USER,PROJECT@shell.sourceforge.net create

shell commands

Interactive Shell provides a small set of Interactive Shell specific command line tools. These include:

  • sf-help - Prints an Interactive Shell help page.
  • timeleft - Show the time left (of the 4 hour window) before the current shell expires.
  • adminrepo - For managing CVS repositories.
    • More help can be found by running:
      adminrepo --help
  • shutdown - Initiate the immediate termination of a an Interactive Shell session.

Getting Help

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May be able to use content from http://alexandria.wiki.sourceforge.net/Project+Web%2C+Shell%2C+VHOST+and+Database+Services and improve it. This service is used for lots of useful things.