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Continuous improvements at SourceForge.net

We subscribe to the "Release Early, Release Often" concept. Improvements are made on a continuous basis at SourceForge.net, with launches occurring as fixes and functionality are completed. As changes are launched, we post announcements to the Site Status page.

Requesting an enhancement

To request that SourceForge.net add new functionality or modify existing functionality, post to our IdeaTorrent.

SourceForge.net staff also pay attention to the voting that has occurred on IdeaTorrent posts.

Our priorities

  • Our team is composed of seasoned Open Source developers and long-time users of Open Source software. The SourceForge.net team is eager to improve our existing features and add new features to better serve the Open Source community.
  • We select work based on perceived importance and the amount of time available to handle implementation.
  • Our staff have also proven a strong source of innovative ideas. When scheduling work, we try to pick the functionality which provides the highest value.
  • We also have an eye toward ongoing improvements to infrastructure and filling in existing service gaps. In the case of things like our Hosted Apps offering, we have built a sustainable model for adding services, and have an ongoing plan to expand that offering.
  • As we pick applications and features for inclusion in the offering, your feedback is valuable to us. Please let us know what you would like to see in our service offering.

About the Whistle icon

Within the Site Docs, we have tried to be forthcoming about known deficiencies in our service offering that we hope to address in the future. We have denoted these with a Whistle icon (). When you see this icon, it means we are looking for feedback to help prioritize these improvements. If you have a strong need for the missing functionality, please let us know.