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Release Files for Download (FRS)

SourceForge.net provides a File Release System (FRS) as a means for projects to make files available for download by their users. Files released using the FRS are automatically distributed to our worldwide network of download mirrors, ensuring file availability, and providing great download performance to users.

Making a File Release

The process for making a file release is as follows:

  1. Create a package, if one doesn't exist yet for this purpose. A default package (which can be renamed) is created at project approval.
  2. Upload the files to be released.
  3. Create a release under the package and associate the uploaded files with the release.
  4. Create or modify the default download page, to direct users to the right materials to download.
  5. Download the file and verify that it is correct, for both security and to verify that the upload successfully completed.
  6. Announce your new release on Freshmeat, project news, or your blog.

Create a package

Packages can contain one or more releases. Most projects will use just one package. Larger projects typically create one package for each major piece of software they are releasing.

To create a package:

  1. Login to SourceForge.net as a project administrator and access the Project Summary page.
  2. Select 'File Releases' from the Admin pulldown.
  3. Type in the new package name into the 'New Package Name:' field.
  4. Click the 'Create This Package' button.

NOTE: Once a package is created, it cannot be deleted. You will have to hide it until you need a new package later, at which time you can unhide and rename it.

Upload a file

SourceForge.net provides a file management service to ease the process of uploading files. This process does not support the uploads of directories. The file management service allows upload via web form, WebDAV, SFTP, SCP, and rsync over SSH.

NOTE: Filenames may only contain alphanumeric characters, the period ("."), dash ("-"), the plus sign ("+") or the underscore character ("_"). This means that a space, parenthesis, or other commonly used characters, such as "~", "&", or "#" will cause the file to be rejected.

The documentation on our file management service links to information for each protocol we support; the protocol-specific information includes instructions for uploading files for inclusion in file releases.

Create or edit a release

Releases correspond to a version of software. Each release is part of a single package.

To create a release:

  1. Login to SourceForge.net as a project administrator and access the Project Summary page
  2. Select 'File Releases' from the Admin pulldown.
  3. Click on the '[Add Release]' link next to the Package Name associated with the release.
  4. Enter the release name for the release into the 'New release name:' field and click the 'Create This Release' button.
  5. Type in or paste Change Log and Release notes for the release, if desired. They must be in plain text format.
  6. Check the checkbox next to the filename of each file to be added to the release in section 2 of the form, and click on the 'Add Files and/or Refresh View' button
  7. Go to Step 3 of the form, modifying the value in each field for each file, as necessary. Click on the 'Update/Refresh' button after each change to a file.
  8. If you want to send out a notice of the new file release, go to Step 4 in the form, check the 'I'm sure' checkbox and click the 'Send Notice' button.

Configure download page

The download page is a landing page for users who click on the green Download button on the project summary page. It has the ability to autodetect end-user platform details and help direct the user to the proper files for their platform (Windows, Linux and Mac OS are auto-detected and directed to the proper page, other OS users can manually select an alternate landing page if created).

To update the download page:

  1. Login to SourceForge.net as a project administrator and access the Project Summary page.
  2. Select 'File Releases' from the Admin pulldown.
  3. Click the 'Create / Edit Download Page' link.
  4. Select the platform page to edit from the pulldown menu.
  5. Click on the 'Add a primary file download' link.
  6. Select the primary file for the release and platform selected from the list provided, fill in the 'Displayed File Title' field and click the 'Submit' button.
  7. If there are other files that are required or optional and related to the primary file for the platform, select them using the 'Add a file ...' link.
  8. Fill in the 'Download Instructions' box with any information your users may want regarding how to download and install the software.
  9. Click the 'Preview' button to preview the download page created.
  10. Click the 'Save' button to save the download page, when it meets your needs.
  11. Repeat these steps for each platform supported by your project.

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